Saturday, March 15, 2008

The family at Uncle Ron's Funeral

This is a photo of all my brothers and my sister and I. Left to right: Ned, Margaret (I hope I'm just standing funny, and my belly isn't really that big) Jon, Joan, Rick and Greg. I think we look great and I am so happy to have this photo. It is a shame we were all together just because we were attending a funeral. It was my Uncle Ron's funeral -we all loved Uncle Ron. I was surprised at how hard it hit me when I found out he had died suddenly. He and my dad seemed to be quite close and had a lot in common, so I think we all knew Ron better than most of dad's siblings. Ron was the youngest in the family; it was truly a surprise. My Dad in tears said, "He seemed so healthy, it is me who is living on borrowed time."

Uncle Kenneth, Uncle Richard (I knew him as uncle Dick as a child but he prefers to be called Richard), and my Dad

It would appear that the Marchant's have heart problems early in life, and I am probably no exception based on my cholesterol numbers. My dad, my brother Jon, my Aunt Eva Lou and my grandmother ! - actually it would appear to be her side - Eva Leone Lewis Marchant died so young that I never knew her, or don't remember as I was an infant when she died. I have been taking some supplements, eating oatmeal and ground flax seed, eating my vegetables and fruits (although that was never hard cause I love vegetables - but the oatmeal, that's another story). Now I just need to get back into my exercise routine, which lately has been totally absent. That would probably my best defense against it - UGH!

Aunt Roma - the eldest of dad's siblings. Her heart is good (apparently) both figuratively and literally!

Aunt Mary Alice - It was wonderful to see her. I hardly know her as she has lived so far away for all of my life.

My Uncle Lewis (Charles Lewis) was not there, nor was my Aunt Laurine. I understand they are ailing nor do they like funerals I understand. Aunt Eva Lou was not there either as she passed away a few years ago. Sadly, I was unable to attend her funeral, and I don't have a picture of her. I always thought she was so pretty.

My Mom - isn't she cute. I love her so much. SOoooooooooooooo much. Below are more family. There is joy in being together, isn't there: Shon and Kee Ostler, cousins Todd Willis, Valerie & Eva (Marchant), nieces Amy & Colett (Ostler) & Melissa (Marchant), Cousin Cindy (Marchant), Greg's Family - Lynn (sister in law) Jesse & Christine, Linda (sister in law - with Jon and Melissa) Aunt Gay and Uncle Kenneth Marchant, Cousin Scott Marchant, Debby Willis and the Bishop, who was a close friend of Uncle Ron.

GOOD BYE my dear Uncle - for now. I am so grateful that I have such a testimony of the goodness of God, and our home where he now dwells. It certainly brings comfort. But we all shed tears. I pray Aunt Laura Lee, cousins Scott, Valerie and Eva and their children will be comforted.

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  1. Margaret, these are great photos. Too bad I didn't have the presence of mind to take some myself. I had my camera, but I was just too upset to think clearly.

    Would it be possible for you to e-mail me a full resolution copy of the photo of me and my two brothers? I'm getting very sentimental about my relationship with my siblings, since it appears that we are approaching the time when we will have completed "our turn on earth".


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