Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ammon's new car!

In January, Ammon was all enamored with a black Mazda Protege, which he had decided to buy from his friend. HOWEVER - after being picked up for the most silly violations and having the cops (and I'm a cop and thought they were silly) ask about drugs over and over again, (they wanted inside that car) Ammon began to think that Mazda was the most awful cop magnet on the planet.

I had told him he had to remove the Skull and cross bones sticker on it, as it was a dead give away for a drug car, but he couldn't ever get it off. Perhaps, fortunately, Ammon never could work out the final purchase, so he ended up taking a rather substantial financial loss and gave the car back to his friend. Then Ammon went to the church fleet sales and bought this beige Chevy Malibu. He says, "Oh Yeah! I can just drive by the cops and not one of them even gives me a second glance. I love a plain car"

Bye - see ya' later Mom!


  1. What a handsome son you have!! Nice granny car;)

  2. Yeah I think you're safe about not getting pulled over in that one Aamon, but it still nicer than what Matt drives, Ha ha! Sorry honey.


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