Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Daisy" dressed up as a "Poppy"

This ridiculous head gear is not really just so Daisy blends in with Joan's Flowers. It is actually to protect her from licking and infecting her dog bite wound.

Last Friday we were at T.J.'s baseball game and Daisy, as usual, was very excited. So much so, that I had to take her for a walk to calm down her excess mania. Daisy is like that - A dog on caffeine - (extra, extra large please). Unfortunately, we walked too close to another dog and that dog did not take a liking to Daisy. He reached out and bit her on the upper flank, near her neck, as we walked by.

I didn't even know she had been really injured until later. The wounds didn't bleed immediately, and her hair hid the evidence. But soon enough they began to bleed and ooze through her white hair.

The wounds were not as wide as they were deep (as canine teeth will do) but one of the puncture wounds also tore a rather gaping hole into her, right down into the muscle. In this photo you can see the smaller wound and the larger one, though they are healing and look "scabby" here, which is a good thing.

But as Daisy was mending, she began to scratch at them with her back leg. The smaller wound was looking very well until she scratched it open again. So we had to add a padded sock to prevent her from scratching off her newly formed scabs.

Daisy says, "Hi" - "I love you all so very much, come out and play with me, and do it right away, I'm out here by myself and I want to come in and jump and run and jump some more and" . . . Whew! Daisy, settle down you crazy Dog! This is why that other dog did not like you!

But WE love you!!!!

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  1. I think she looks pretty! Poor Daisy, hope she's feeling better!


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