Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Department Of Alcoholic Beverage Control

The keyword here is "CONTROL" - mind you, and not "Alcoholic Beverage". I currently work as a "licensing and compliance Investigator" or so my business card says. It's nice to be on the civil end of things though. Just the word "civil" has significant meaning. Oh, I don't think I was ever a hard case BAD cop - I'm kind of a pansy, though I had to learn to pretend I was't. Anyway, DABC has been a great place to work, and I am loving my job. BUT . . . WOW! There is a LOT to do. My days whirl by because I never have enough time to quite finish. HOWEVER, the last couple of weeks I have had some traveling opportunities within the state, and it is icing on the cake for me. This is one of my co-workers, Stephne Pilling. She has been so patiently training me - showing me the twists and turns - and also . . . a good time. By the way, Stephne's unusual spelling of her name is a fun story. She says her parents were expecting a boy, and thus had decided to name him Stephen. However, when he turned out to be a girl, they just switched the last two letters of their chosen name and "Wa-La" Stephne! Anyway, I planned a trip to see some of my licensees in Carbon County and Sanpete Counties, and she went with me on an overnight trip. Busy as it was, we got to sight-see a bit. We went to the Natural History Museum in Price. Take a look at the dino's arm and that look on his face - He looks like he is enjoying a giving Stephne a good goose, and she appears to be reacting appropriately (chuckle). I'll just name him Romeo. She's not going to like this picture, but I think it is hilarious.

I took photos of these two fossil specimens for one reason only. I pick a bunch of them up in the ravines of the Pryor Mountains every year. I then dole them out to the neighbor kids. However, I never knew what they were called exactly, so here is what they are (though I still can't say the name). Oh, and don't worry. These are perfectly legal to pick up as they are not rare (so the museum description even stated).

And these little fellows are called the "Pilling" figurines. Stephne's Father in law (and his brothers) found them near price. So her last name is of interest too!

How about a night in the Museum with this fetching fellow?

Or this not-so-woolly Mammoth?This guy was found nearby too, so on our way to the next county, we stopped to take pictures where they found the complete mammoth.Interestingly, the finder, or at least the "exhumer" of the Mammoth, according to this billboard, was the State paleontologist, David Gillette, whom I happen to know! It's o.k. - I don't think that counts as "name dropping" really - I just thought it interesting.
This is the lake where the little guy was found . . . it was really pretty.

Stephne takes the camera . . . and just look the the fine photo she snaps of me! Maybe not my best side there Steph! Notice the soap I took from the motel peeking out of my pocket.

The Following week we flew to Saint George (Washington County) to conduct a Public Hearing for a licensee in Springdale (among other things). We had to go from one end of the County to the other and still make our flight back. However, we still had some photo ops. The photo I have of Stephne at the very beginning of the blog was taken in Dameron Valley. I had to go there to check on an applicant for a restaurant license.

The hearing in Springdale was a wash. Not one soul showed up for it. So Stephne and I stopped in Virgin to check out this tavern licensee . . .
and get to know the locals . . .

Stephne is stealing my new beau . . . so this is how it's going to be at work huh?

We had a long, long day that day - and had to rush back to the airport. However, I love the Saint George area. It think it is very beautiful. Too bad I couldn't go visit all my family (Hi Jem) down there. Maybe next time. Yeah! this job is a good gig!

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  1. I am so happy that you are enjoying your new job! Lokks like a pretty good gig! Who you work with makes all the difference!


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