Monday, March 23, 2009

It Rocks to be seven - Joshua's birthday party

Joshua turned SEVEN and we celebrated in true kid style at Boondocks.

I have to digress here . . . Don't cha' just love those blonde curls?

Joshua counting his tickets for the games at Boondocks

Joshua lived with us (Grandma and Grandpa) for several years and Jim used to relentlessly tease him that he took 'curly hair pills' every day. Josh used to just go right along with the silliness and tell us that he did in fact, take 'curly hair pills'.

I am so jealous. How can I get my hands on some of those pills? Josh rightly get his blonde curls naturally - They're just like his Momma's . . .

Holly and Matt

. . . only Holly straightens out her curls. How come I want curls like Holly and Joshua, and yet Holly goes to great lengths to make her hair straight like mine? Issabelle (below)

Isabelle, Becca and Margaret

has curls too, (Holly's daughter sitting on Becca's shoulders - see her cute locks?) which reminds me, Becca's hair will curl too if she lets it. BUT she brushes HERS out straight too!

Don't we always want what we don't have? Or is it just me? In my 'old age' I finally decided to leave my hair straight and quit fighting it. Well, except for the gray - I'm fighting that still. Yeah! I'm fighting that big time!

Sooooo - back to the topic at hand. Joshua's party was held at BOONDOCKS - a kids haven - Whew!

Boondocks is like a giant pin ball parlor - only, I don't even know if they make pin ball games anymore? You can see some of their wares in back of us in this photo, and though you can't really tell here, the place is huge - very annoying, flashing lights, noisy, hyper and . . . did I mention annoying? However, the look on the kids faces ? look below . . . now that is precious.

I don't actually know this child, she just looked really awed
by the goings on and it made me laugh

Isabelle was just happy to be there.

Joshua and his birthday friends - goofing off!

I don't know the two kids on the right but they are part of the party goers

Jason's boys - Justice, Carter, and T.J.

Oh, Jason's number 4 - Derrick was there too - sort of. He didn't much care for the hoopla going on around him as evidenced by the photo below:


Jason Counting his tickets. He's just a big kid too!

And the next bunch of photos - all part of Josh's family.

Oh, notice that ball on the wall. It looks like it's gonna' take Jim's scalp off at the top

Isabelle being held by her two grandpas

Holly's Uncle Mark (right) and his two kids

Jeremy, Ammon and Marnee

Grandpa and Grandma Milligan, Holly and baby Gabrielle

Dianne holding Gabrielle and Jim holding Isabelle

So, we wish you the best year yet Josh -
your Eighth trip around the sun.

Love You so Much!


  1. That was a HUGE celebration for a little 7 year old. He must have a lot of people who love him. He has lost that little boy look and is just a darling young man.

  2. Thanks for posting all those pictures Margaret! Holly isn't so great at getting pictures to me and it was fun to see all of them! I love Jamie's belly by the way! She looks great!


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