Sunday, March 21, 2010

My "I didn't want to be imortalized in a Fat Dress" Diet

Today is Sunday, one week and a day since I officially started a weight loss diet.

I did mention that Ammon and Marnee are getting married. Oh, yes I did actually. Which gives ME the excuse to buy a new dress. Wooo Hoooo!

Hmmmmm . . . looking, looking, looking . . . something sexy Maybe?

Ummmm . ..just kidding! Don't get all weirded out kids. This is a 'G' rated blog.

But I am the mother of the groom – maybe I should buy something more . . . matronly?

Hmmmmm . . . No, no, not this matronly.  I don't want to look this . . . 
Hmmmm . . . let me ask the mirror. What? I do already? GOSH! DO I?

“Mirror Mirror on the wall? Tell me that's not true at all!” 
The mirror thinks I looked matronly all right. Smug stupid mirror anyway.

Reality is setting in . . . DABC (my now not so new job) is a 'foody' kind of place. 
Mmmmm . . . food, and it's really tasty food too. 

DABC also has a nice gym with weights and everything. Need I say  
. . . I have taken much more advantage of the food than the gym.

Some people have tried to encourage me saying “well, you need to exercise more and eat less AND you are at that age when” . . . that was my doctor speaking actually.

I read an article about menopause and aging gracefully . . . 

“be joyful and comfortable in your own skin.” 

I asked the mirror about that. 

He just laughed! 

Spiteful, mean spirited mirror!

This is the real issue. I didn't want to buy a fat dress and have my picture taken in it. I know, I know. The day is NOT about me. But still, my picture will be taken. I can't afford cosmetic surgery can I? Dang, that's pretty self absorbed. 

Diet and exercise? Are you kidding? I did a diet plan once before. I quit eating my daily giant cinnamon rolls. That was my only diet plan. Just quit eating giant cinnamon rolls. 

I know I was blessed for a long time with a genetically thinnish type frame - for most of my life actually. I am being punished now! But I have not eaten a cinnamon roll for years . . . and pound and pound after pound . . . . O.K. I give in.

My first official day of my very first real diet began last Saturday. Oh my! the scale won't even weigh me? (Sorry, I'm just not going to admit what it really told me).   Yes - those are my feet. 

So, I have chosen the newest fad sort of diet, but I did check with my doctor first – the HCG diet plan because I am in a hurry. I already ordered my new dress in a smaller size. So this is how it started. Last Saturday and Sunday were “load days” - eat everything and anything all day long - plus the HCG of course. Sounds like fun doesn't it? . . . It wasn't. Ugh! I didn't want to see food for a week.

Got my wish. Now I am eating only 500 calories a day plus HCG. Lots of broccoli, spinach, tomatoes . . . You know, I love broccoli, spinach and tomatoes - this is not that bad. I also eat 4 ounces of meat for lunch and dinner; I never eat this much meat a day actually, and citrus fruit. I am just not the hungry. Jim is doing this diet with me.  That makes it easier. So far so good.  I have lost 7 pounds in one week.  

I did join the DABC gym by the way! That is next! 


  1. Oh dear, our little toes are the same. They kinda grow on the side of our feet. LOL Yo,ur feet are prettier though as mine are a real mess after my surgery. The best they ever looked was when you gave me a pedicure.
    Can't wait to see your dress.

  2. You do not need to loose weight! You always look great! Make sure you post a picture of the dress!

  3. I found you through Joan's blog- she's one of the more amazing ladies in my ward! Anyway. . . loved your post and I am wondering how it went. Your photo looks gorgeous, so whether HCG worked or not I bet you will look great in the photos!!!!

  4. I am remiss at updating my blog . . . but I did lose 20 pounds, all said and done.


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