Thursday, October 18, 2007

Well, I have to have another MRI tomorrow. You see, I have a small tumor in my pituitary - not a big deal, as it is benign, but it causes havoc anyway. I also apparently have high cholesterol, low thyroid, and a host of other things. It seems to be genetic. Now they want me to take all these medications which have a host of side effects. I wonder if it wouldn't be better to live (or die) with my own health maladies rather than the ones they will make for me by taking a huge bunch of expensive medicines I don't have faith in. If just I eat right and exercise . . . I actually like to eat healthy things - o.k. except that butter and . . . hmmmm, well maybe I eat too much dark chocolate.

I like dark chocolate. I like it really dark. Funny, I always preferred "no sugar" chocolate way before it became the popular rage to eat it dark. I really doubt that it is good for you, even though they say it has some health benefits. It tastes too good! The chocolate distributors, no doubt, have paid someone off to promote their product. But as long as they have, I can eat my dark chocolate with less guilt - sort of!

Here is a picture of my son at his 23rd birthday with a dark, dark chocolate cake - I called it "The Devil's Cake" with matches for candles (he he he!) - Love you Jon!

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