Thursday, October 18, 2007

Well, this is all new to me - we'll see how it goes

Hi to myself (if I am the only one who ever reads this) and to all my friends and loved ones (if someone else happens to read this) May God Bless always!

Oh! and no enemies may enter here please! I'm really not aware of any enemies that I may have, but if there are any, let's kiss and make up - or you go away now!

I have decided to try this new "blog" thing (though the term sounds so unattractive to me) though I am sure those who have been blogging for years would not consider this a "new thing"- but for me, it is.

I wanted a space to write my journal entries, one where I might be more apt to add color to my "hard copy" journal. However, since I am at work, this first entry will have to be short. I'll edit it later. (I did)

By the way, this is a photo of me taken a few month's ago (July 2007) by Twila Claire. Twila and I were in two community plays this year put on by the Lehi Community Arts Council. We both played the parts of "nuns" in each play. One play was "Nunsense" . . . very funny, and the other was the "Sound of Music". I hope, however, we are not typecast forever. In fact, four of my "Sisters" in Nunsense went on to play nuns in the Sound of Music with me. They were great fun, all of them, thanks to Kelly Johnson who talked me into it. Well, for now I will say adieu! I don't know why I say Adieu, as I neither speak nor write French! xoxo

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