Monday, April 28, 2008

Marnee Dortch's Lehi Senior Prom - Ammon is escort!

It would seem that the Dortch family can't get rid of the Hardie's . . .

We have known the Dortch's since Becca and Jon were in 1st grade in Highland - they were in the same class with Cameron Dortch. Then the Dortch's moved to Saratoga (before it was a city). Over the years, Jon and Cameron stayed in touch.

Then, before we moved to Eagle Mountain, Jamie began school at Lehi Jr. High and she would stay with Malaree Dortch after school.

Maloree and Jamie went to school together and were good friends.

Later, Jamie married Matt Jensen, and Matt is also good friends with the Dortch family.

. . . and then there is Marnee. Ammon and Marnee Dortch were in elementary school together and Jr. High. They have also become good friends!

. . . SO, to prom they went. They both said they had a wonderful time at Lagoon,

then dinner,

and then at the formal prom held at the Union Pacific Building, downtown SLC.

However, with all of their activity, they missed their appointment to get their photos taken, and at 12:30 AM they were at our house for photos.

They look so cute, but their photographer is worth about what they paid her . . . (chuckle) - Never the less, here they are looking all grown up!

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  1. I think you are a good photographer, but then when you have beautiful subjects it's pretty easy. I loved prom but it's a little different now. We just got our carnation or rose corsages and maybe went to dinner. Much cheaper way back then.



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