Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mother's Day

Holly hosted a mother's day celebration last Sunday. It was fun to have so many of us there.

We also got to see Christy and Macy a little later..

So, here are my Grandshildren: Macy (Who found my hair to be quite tasty),

Isobelle (who had a hard time staying awake for any of it),

Carter (quite a personality, see his determination),

Morgan (gorgeous as ever),

Justice (always a smile and loving disposition),

Joshua (look at that character, he cracks me up),

and TJ ( He was giving me a hard time, I had to take about 20 pictures of him cause he wouldn't let me take a "real" picture without his hiding behind his hat)

And my kids and spouses, Jason (he's always pulling a face too, so I had to keep taking his picture - yeah! that's where TJ got it. and Kristine . . .

Jamie and Matt (Fat, as Jamie always calls him)

Becca took Holly, Jamie and I out to dinner and a play on Friday. That was so fun. So we decided we needed a photo to celebrate just the Girls - mothers or future mothers - Hey -where was Kristine? How did she get out of this one? Sneaky little thing!

Ammon - (my baby)

My Jonathan, aka Jonny Jon, Jonny Run, Jonny Big, Jonny Snow, Jonny Bear, Jonny . . .

Becca and Holly


And - Congratulations are in order for two more wonderful moms - Happy mother's day to you Holly (being loved by her husband, Matt. They are expecting a baby in November) . . .

And Kristine, who is also expecting a baby (they just found out so sometime next year). This baby was quite unexpected, they tell me, but Jason says, "I guess the Lord blessed me with more money (he got an unexpected significant raise at work too) and baby to go along with my raise!" Doesn't she have a glow! I think so.

Mother's Day was wonderful - Thanks so much! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE YOU ALL!

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  1. What a beautiful family. You are a great Mom to all of them. Some day when they all have families, they will come to realize all you did for them.



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