Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy 23rd Anniversary Jim and Margaret

We celebrated our 23rd Wedding Anniversary on July 19th at the Sub Zero Ice Cream shop. I took my camera in, and while we waited for our ice cream to be made, we just took silly photos of ourselves. People thought we were tourists or something.

Oh, I suppose ice cream is not romance and roses, but it was truly fun and and a bit silly for us. After all, we are known as the "dullards" by our children.

Now before you roll your eyes at our lack of romance, you should know we did go out to dinner at a very nice restaurant first, so we are not completely without balance.

But then we decided to go for ice cream - just for fun.

This ice cream shop makes the ice cream from scratch and then freezes it with dry ice while you wait.

There must be hundreds of choices which is really bad for me. I can NEVER decide!

Just a note, however, if you are going to spend this much on an ice cream cone, get the fat stuff. I got the yogurt, and Jim got the custard. I ended up eating his - it was much, much, much better. Just decide to be fat that day!

Obviously the decor in the ice cream shop is decidedly retro, and since 23 years is no recent event, it seemed appropriate for us to be there.

People thought we were tourists or something the way we were taking pictures. Here is my dear husband Jim at the old gas pump. I Wish gas prices were like the prices on this pump. I remember when gas was 25 cents a gallon and it does not seem that long ago . . . well, I guess was quite a while ago, but it just does not SEEM that long ago.

You know? I didn't even mind people looking at us with a scewed eye - we just kept on snapping photos.

In fact, a young man in the shop saw us and suggested we could take a picture in his car.

We ended up taking photos of two old classic cars.

This one is a shiny red old 1960 Ford Galaxy 500.

I don't remember what year or brand of Chevy this one was, but Jim liked it better than the Ford! I guess I could go ask him, but I suppose someone out there in blogger land can tell me! It looks a little like a "Bat Mobile" to me.

We ended our evening - both of us quite happy with the events of the day. We celebrate these 23 years of joy, tears, pleasure, pain, humor and 10 children between us, among us, and around us. I Thank God for all good things.


  1. I think getting ice cream is very romantic! Wes and I get it a couple times a week but especially when we go out for date night. I think we should just start making it since we are spending so much money buying it.

  2. That will be a fun memory. I think I remember those old cars. Wayne and I tried to find this place once and didn't. We will have to look again.


  3. Happy Anniversary! 23 years is a long time!
    Looks like a fun night. You both look really good.
    Dad looks good!
    Miss you guys


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