Thursday, July 10, 2008

Old Shirt . . .

Take a Look at this Shirt . . .
(and not my goofy face in this photo).

I was a student at the University of Utah many . . . I mean, just a few years . . . o.k. it was 30 years ago! Anyway, somehow I got this shirt, but I think it was actually a "hand-me-down" when I got it. Needless to say it is soooo old. I thought it would be fun to see if I could find photos of me it wearing it through the years and post them here. Sadly, I have found only one so far, but I thought that I had found three (which I posted so I'll leave them), but it makes this post not nearly as clever as I thought it would be, because there are actually two different shirts. However, there are stories to go with them, so here goes.

Here is the first:

I think this photo of me (standing up on the Pryor Mountains in Wyoming) was taken in 1985, so the "U" shirt is already at least 5 years old here! By the way, although I attended the U of U, I feel no particular loyalty to the "U" (sorry 'bout that my old school). But If I were to actually buy a college T-shirt it would probably be a BYU shirt, as I also attended that college.


One day Jim and I were shopping at a yard sale. We were looking at different things in different parts of the yard when we finally met up and began a conversation about what we might like to buy. The owner of the yard sale was a man about 10 years older than me, and I noticed he had rather a puzzled look on his face. I could tell he wanted to talk, so I said something mundane, I suppose. Anyway, he finally got up the nerve to ask his question. He asked Jim and I if we were there together. I began to wonder if he wanted to ask me out or something. It was odd. I responded, that of course we were. Then the guy in total amazement asked, "but you're not married are you?" Jim and I were both a little puzzled at why he would be so surprised that we were married. Then the guy pointed out why he was so puzzled. You see, I was wearing (as pictured on this blog) the "U" T-shirt, and Jim was wearing the insignia of the University of Utah's number one rival - a "BYU" hat!

Next photo - I actually thought this photo was the "U" shirt, but when I enlarged it I could see it was a different old shirt (I must have had this one at least as long). This photo was taken about 10 years ago. I was working at the Criminal Investigations Bureau at the time, and I was on a road trip. We had been traveling all over the state and we were tired. But as we (the other agent I was working with) got close to home, we stopped to take a look at the ruins at Simpson Springs, just West of where I now live in Eagle Mountain. Simpson Springs is significant because it was an old Pony Express stop over. Obviously, now it is a ghost cabin. There are old remnants of horse corrals in the back where they kept the spares (horses, that is). I didn't know I would soon be actually living close to Simpson Springs when this photo was taken. It's worth a trip out there as there is also a lush bird sanctuary right in the middle of the desert. It is so odd - Take a day trip out there and see it.

I also originally thought this photo was of the "U" shirt and discovered it was the same as the photo at Simpson Springs. However, This is a good story too, so I'll post it.

On one of my road trips (again working for the CIB) I talked the Agent I was working with into stopping at the Parawan, Utah Cemetery where Grandpa Elmer Eyre was born. I found a bunch of relatives buried there including Susan Fish Smith. Susan was Grandpa Eyre's Grandmother. So I stopped here to give her a hug!

So, If I actually find more "U" T-shirt photos, I'll post them. (chuckle)


  1. Love the shirt! I actually have an old baseball shirt in green that I wear everywhere. Must be in the blood! I expect to see that shirt on you again in 15 years.

  2. Oh don't have a goofy face. I think we all have a favorite "old" shirt. We still have Robbs football jersey's from high school. Over 20 years old. Me and the girls like to wear them as pajamas

  3. You should be proud of the fact that can still fit into it, you are a babe. I want to go see the bird sanctuary. And you are right, you should be wearing a BYU

  4. You look the same now as the one taken in 1985. Even capris are "in" as they were then. They say style cycles every 20 years. I guess that proves it. This was a fun blog entry.



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