Thursday, September 25, 2008

Spookie Died Yesterday

I just wanted to say goodbye to my sweet cat, Spookie. She was a stray who wandered into our Highland home in 1990 - already an adult cat, she was sick and starving then. I just could not resist keeping her, because when I would pick her up, she would put her arms (do cats have arms?) around my neck and hug me. Her hugs saved her life . . . and some days, mine!

By the vets estimations of her age when she arrived, and the years that have passed, spookie would have been going on nearly 20 years old. I guess she was happy with us! Now I complained in my last blog entry about how she stood in front of my computer and blocked my view until I petted her. Well, she was so sick the last few days she could not jump up even to my lap. Oh! Spookie, I loved you! I wish you were here in front of my screen, annoying me like usual. But you are now in a good place (read moses 3:5). Say "hi" to Poochie for me!


  1. This is always so hard to go through! I'm sending you hugs...

  2. I am so sorry for the loss your friend! Pets are like family members so it is never easy having to say goodbye.

  3. Oh, I cried for you. I love animals so much and know that she will be in heaven too. Here are my virtual arms around you with a hug. I am so sorry but glad she is not suffering.


  4. Rest In Peace little Spooky. I am so sorry.


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