Wednesday, October 1, 2008

August and September Birthdays

Our Family has a lot of birthdays in August and September - Actually, a lot in October, November and December too! For that matter, January, February, March, April, May and June . . . The only month that not much is going on, is July. I made up for that by getting married in July. We do have a large bunch after all - But I digress . . .

I am posting birthday photos of August and September 2008. Wade's birthday is in August too, August 7th to be exact. However he did not share any birthday photos with me from Denver, so I don't know what he did that day. Happy past birthday Wade, we love you!

So, Ammon's birthday was next on the list, and on the Sunday following August 22 (when Ammon turned 19 years old) we had our usual Sunday family party with all those family members who could attend.

This photo shows the party goers taking on an absolutely uproarious turn, don't you think?

Hmmmm . . . Looks like Matt Jensen was trying to liven things up a bit!

We did have cake for Ammon's birthday, but of course we forgot the candles. In fact, if we ever do have candles, it is highly unusual, so our family tradition has become to light the cake on fire with matches or sticks. Notice these past birthday cakes.

Here is Ammon's 2008 birthday cake:
We don't use 19 matches, we use 1 and 9 = 19 ....After dinner, we marched outside for family photos. These go about as well as expected:

Notice my left hand - That death grip is not a loving mother holding her birthday boy's hand in gentle joy . . .

it is a desperate woman attempting to prevent Ammon from sticking his finger in my nose or ear . . .

Oh! no - he's making progress . . . notice the tendons in my arm!

Ammon turns his attention to T.J. and Jason decides he's had enough of the probably ten tries at this photo shoot! AND - why in the heck is MY hair the only one blowing in the wind!

So, Ammon's successful day ends . . .

We now turn our attention to Becca's birthday on September 3rd (or rather on the following Sunday) . . .

Her cheesecake (she likes cheesecake which is great with me) actually had candles. In fact, Becca seems to be the only one who regularly has candles on her birthday cakes. I can't think why this anomaly takes place, but I believe Jamie brought the candles. There are also actually 25 of them instead of the makeshift 2+5 = 25 . . .

. . . but look at all that smoke! Boy Becca, you are half a half century old and it is showing by the look of the candle smoke!

(and by the way, Becca is the only daughter not married - which reminds me . . . Becca is going to SPAIN next year to live for a while. Maybe she'll find a handsome Spaniard and we can visit her in exotic places)!

Oh Yeah, I was writing about her birthday party . . . ahemmm

And so, we gather for the traditional family photo at the party (Jim's taking this picture) . . . Ammon was there, but he must have been in the bathroom or something . . . fortunately for me.

Jason turned 31 on September 27th. THIRTY ONE YEARS OLD! That make me . . . . . Thirty nine, of course! I was eight when I had him!Notice that we used Becca's left over candles - pink too! But we are back to the 3 + 1 = 31 scenario. And we did not gather for a family photo as my camera ran out of juice. By the time I got the battery charged? Jason said, Uhhhh! no. Not only that, he requested a PECAN pie for his birthday which we had already eaten before the newly charged camera could capture the moment. I had, however, purchased this cherry pie at the same time - so we substituted the Kodak moment with the cherry pie. (Nobody would be the wiser, except I just told you)! When I finally got this photo, I suggested that we sing happy birthday because I thought we had forgotten to sing. Everyone started laughing . . . they were actually singing while I was fiddling with the camera, and I didn't even notice! I say that I am not senile, I just have wonderful focus! (no pun intended).



  1. I loved all the pictures. Your plant in front is really a monster and so pretty. I don't think Becca would like you calling her half a century though. You didn't like it! And she has 25 years to go before she has to deal with it. LOL
    I like the idea of 3+1 for 31. I may adopt that idea.

  2. I'm glad you noticed that, it intended to say Half a Half a century, which I fixed . . . funny huh!

  3. That is a whirlwind of b-days, but when you have that big of a family what do you expect. I like an excuse to have cake every month.


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