Sunday, November 23, 2008

How to Take Two huge Calcium Tablets (to prevent a choking hazard)

I inherited my mom's inability to take large pills. However, since my bone density had previously been diagnosed as "needy" I had to resort to certain measures to attempt to correct the dysfunction and get these minerals into my body via my mouth.

Here's my recipe for a great breakfast which includes my Calcium Citrate + Vitamins D and K, Magnesium and zinc - this pill is definitely one designed for larger mammals than myself. So get your blender out and here goes:

  1. Gather the following Ingredients:
  • Two Calcium (obviously, you need the Giant ones) tablets.
  • Whole Flax seed - one scoop
    • (I have no idea how big this scoop is, just use your best judgment)
    • Rolled oats
    • 1 Banana
    • Raw almonds
    • Raw pumpkin seeds
    • Dried cranberries (sweetened with fruit juice - NOT sugar)

I put the calcium and flax seed in the blender and run them at full speed until powdered. If you do not grind the flax seed it will be of little use to you - your body won't digest it (goes straight through - trust me). However, if you grind it, it becomes a great health benefit with (among other things) omega oils.

Put this ground mixture into a cereal bowl and cut up a banana into small pieces and add it to the the powdered mixture.

Stir this concoction well, making sure the banana is completely coated with it. This prevents the flax from balling into it's own bread ball - I don't like to eat a big wet flax ball - so coat the banana with it like I said!

Add the uncooked oatmeal. I used about 1/3 of a cup. Actually, I use exactly 1/3 of a cup, because my 1/3 cup is my oatmeal dipping scoop - it's handy. so, add how ever much you want.

Then add the pumpkin seeds, craisons, and almonds. If you like your almonds in smaller chunks, grind them in the blender too. They can be ground with powder mixture if you prefer. I like it that way, but sometimes I like the almonds whole.

I do not add sugar, as the banana makes this dish quite sweet. However, my son Ammon (who was helping me with this photo op) is a sugarholic, and thought this was terrible. SOOOO last (and least) I sometimes add Kroger's "Honey Crip Medley". It does give it crunch and a bit of the sweeter. It still isn't enough for my sugar hungry son.

I use Kroger's (found at Smith's) vs. Honey bunches of oats because it has less sugar - only 6 grams per serving. HOWEVER, since I don't use a whole serving - I'm getting less sugar.

Add the Skim milk (though I like whole milk better) and . . . Wa-La!

Note there is enough here for two servings, so share it with your son. HOWEVER, since my son won't ever eat it with me, I eat the WHOLE thing.

Note - I said nothing about calories! MMmmmmmm good!

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