Saturday, January 10, 2009

Announcing Derrick Dieder Krein and a whole bunch of things past

This is Derrick Deider Krein,
our 13th (among my whole crew) and
(I say a lucky numbered) grandchild.

Derrick is my 4th genetically infused grandchild, but don't hold that against him. He will inherit some wonderful traits from my forefathers, I'm quite sure, and he will be the most wonderful child. Derrick was born on December 17th, 2008, just after midnight and is my son 'Jason's' 4th son . . . not a rose numbered among his whole bunch. Jason apparently has no 'X' chromosomes to give what soever - which leaves poor Kristine surrounded by a gaggle of rowdy boys to keep in line. Jason had to upgrade to a Suburban just to keep his children in tow! Our sweet Derrick was a surprise baby - fortunately, that happens every now and again. Good thing too, or a lot of wonderful people would still be waiting to come to earth . . .

Speaking of coming to earth, we have a whole bunch of birthdays that I have missed listing here. Especially in October, November and December. I am going to post photos of my grandchildren later, since I missed including many of them in my blog before i.e. Isabelle, Cooper, Hunter, Justice, and Carter who all celebrated birthdays in the few months past. Well, I did eat cake and give hugs and kisses - at least to those close by. But I always miss all the East Coast kids celebrations. I just have to read about theirs on their mom's blog, and realize how much I am missing. But I digress . . .

We had a twosome party for Jeremy and Jamie's birthdays which are both in November. However, I just have to post two picture versions of this birthday celebration. This first one looks so light and happy birthdayish

. . . . then . . . .

This one which is supposed to give us 'ambiance' -
. . . but it looks rather like we are celebrating some type
of seance or something with old Scratch and his minions.
Well, we weren't. This IS a happy occasion.

Then . . .

We also celebrated Matthew and Holly (Hardie) William's birthdays as another "two for one".
Their birthdays are only a week apart. But guess who robbed the cradle?
Matt's quite a few years younger than our sweet Holly!

Did you notice we have been substituting a lot of Pies for cakes? Most of us prefer pie, or at least I prefer pie and since I am the one buying (or making) them . . .

Not Jon, however, He likes deep, dark devil's chocolate cake. Jon has the last birthday of the year in our family. Don't look so excited here . . . .

Hey Jon, Smile a little would ya!
He always feels like his birthday is short sheeted.
His presents are always wrapped in Christmas paper!

Whew! Christmas is over, but sadly, my tree and decorations are still up and it is January 10th. I don't know when they are coming down, but I have not posted ANY Christmas stuff yet. So be excited Family! Your photos and faces will be here soon.

P.S. For Christmas, Jamie gave me another surprise . . .

Baby number 14 is coming in July.
Jamie, you still look like my baby girl to me!
How is this possible?


  1. Yea for new babies here and coming!!!! Nothin' sweeter!

  2. Since Ammon is really the baby, it's going to be OK. We will all have another baby to cuddle. You will have your pick each Sunday... which baby to postition on your leg for a horsey ride.


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