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"Polar Express" Merry Christmas Family Party 2008

I am finally getting around to posting the photos from our
"Polar Express" themed family Christmas party -
Christmas Eve 2008.

My grandson, Justice, showing off his Christmas bell.

My Sister is the party planner. I just do as I'm told, and I am quite happy with that arrangement. This year she planned a "Polar Express" themed party, so we were all supposed to wear pajamas. She also made everyone a little bell necklace, but I had to go rent the movie so I had any idea why we were wearing them. So you will notice in the photos from here on out, that nearly everyone is wearing one.

A good time was had by all (I think - at least a good time had by me taking photos) . . . minus the fact that Jon's new puppy bit Isabelle Yarro's leg . . . and also pooed on the floor. But the puppy is a baby dog, so he didn't know any better (the dog, not Jon - but that's another story).

Jon Holding his puppy, Mangus

That didn't help Isabelle feel the bite any less however. So Sorry my Sweet little Grand Niece.


Isabelle looks just like I remember her mother, Colett, at that age. Golly, it seems like just a few years ago. Oh, how and where do the years disappear? I am reminded of a funny story about Colett. This is not a Christmas story, but I'll tell it anyway. I was visiting my sister for the summer in Bountiful, Utah, (many years ago) and we had been out shopping for the day. Tired, and wanting to go home, my sister was just beginning to drive away from the K-Mart Parking lot. However, Colett had to to 'potty' right then, right there or else. Joan was a little put out, but didn't want her little daughter's training pants to . . . well, you know. Frustrated, my sister decided to hold Colett in a potty chair position just outside the car, hidden by the door, where Colett could 'wet' the pavement. Joan figured no one would see her and life would be dry.

However, Colett (being early in her potty training) didn't "wet" anything. Instead she did the 'number two' thing. Joan was absolutely mortified. The look on her face was distorted and blushed as she desperately looked around for some Fairy God Mother to rescue her. But none came, and I was lauging too hard. Joan did not want to pick up her daughters little baby logs, but didn't want to just leave them there either - the evidence so plainly in view. In desperation, Joan just decided to run over the little poo mess with her car. She figured if it was smashed flat and unrecognizable as belonging to her daughter, she could safely escape without notice. I laughed and laughed all the way home (just like am laughing right now remembering the whole thing) Oh my sides . . . lol. . . I hope whoever parked there next . . . lol . . . I guess you had to be there!

"My Sister's Daughter"

We also didn't do the nativity this year because we ended up not having enough time, and besides, our "Joseph and Mary" (supposed to be Holly and Matt Williams) didn't have costumes, nor could they have arrive on time because they had to go to his families family party first.

Matt Williams holding Gabrielle

The runner ups (Jason and Kristine and their new baby) didn't get notified to be runner ups either. But they were there with their new sweet baby. Since I am posting photos of fathers and babies, here is Jason with Derrick.

My Firstborn Son, holding my Sweet Son of my Son
(that's supposed to be poetic but I think it was just confusing)

So, Maybe next year we'll get to the important 'reason for the season' part of our celebration (like we do most years). But I guess this year was just Party time! Well, family time. We are not exactly partying it up here, unless you are talking about food.

Buffet Style pot luck Christmas Dinner.

And Basketball games . . . (I have no idea what they called this game)
but they are using a basketball - so, basketball games

Joan was annoyed with me for taking her pic while she was eating . . . she has a point, but I think the next picture of her is actually cute . . . Now seriously, if I had cut out the part where her fork is in the deviled egg, wouldn't it would look like she was just . . . well - singing! So pretend Joan is here singing an aria from Madam Butterfly or something and tell her she is beautiful when she sings.

Joan said "Don't you Dare"
(then a lecture about taking "eating" photos)

Group Photos:

Joan . . . Becca . . . Jim

Colett and Matt Yarro, Isobelle Yarrow and Ammon Hardie, Jeremy Hardie and his Friend, Justice Krein and Amelia (Milli) Yarrow . . .

Wayne Ostler and Matt Yarro,

and Kristine and Carter Krein

And More . . . .

Millie Dancing for me - check out the concentration ---------->

The only picture I got of Emerson (My grand nephew) where he was not running away. This time he was running toward. This boy is constant motion!

Emerson Holmes

Holly working on crafts
and Becca Playing Ball - Typical of these two.

Just Amy

Nick Yarro taking a breather and Joan taking a picture of me

T.J. holding his brother

Jamie and Matt Jensen were too late coming from his parents & family party and Jamie didn't feel like she could stay awake any longer (she was soooo tired - 3 months expecting) so they went home and missed the fun. So did Valerie (my cousin) and her family. Well, next year! We love you all so much, and those who could not be here because they live out in the Nether Lands (or it is we who live in the Nether Lands) I love you! Happy New Year.

and "I" in my Pajamas
(but I came from work, so my work clothes are underneath)

So there!


  1. It was a great party and one that I look forward to each year. It is always fun to get together and play games and catch up! I can't imagine my life without my wonderful family around!

  2. How fun. Love all your pics. Maybe we'll have to make the trek next year. You are so lucky to have all your family around. Also, I totally think that Isabelle looks like Colett when she was little too.


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