Sunday, February 8, 2009

My Kind of stuff at Osmond Designs

Margaret's words of wisdom:

Journals are not necessarily written
to purposely entertain others (though often they do).
I love reading old journal entries from my ancestors.
The most mundane things can end up being
the most interesting . . .
They never knew one hundred years ago what I would chuckle over.
With that in mind, I guess this blog of mine may be interesting
in the year 2109.

I am fond of antiques, antique replicas, and/or all kinds of things 'old world'. My house is filled with antiques, and (unfortunately) things just old.

So this is the deal. Back in December I visited the Osmond Designs Christmas booth at the mall in Orem. I didn't know about Osmond Designs then, but I found out that they are actually a furniture store on State Street in old Lehi. Anyway, I had actually stopped at their Christmas booth to admire these beautiful nativity pieces. I was not in the market for them at the time, but I loved them soooo much. However they no longer had a complete set available, as they had already sold most of them. The nice lady said they had more at their store in Lehi, and wouldn't I come and visit? She even gave me a discount card.

Well, I never had the opportunity to stop by at Christmastime, but I had that store in the back of my mind as a place I wanted to check out - though I lost the discount card.

One Friday, very recently, I talked Jim into going into that store, and amazingly (knowing how he hates to shop with me) he made the sacrifice. Oh WOW! I loved the whole store. The store encompasses the entire antique building. It's my kind of place. Jim had to drag me out by my coat tail, and I was not willing.

To make a long story short, I had just purchased two lamps at Costco that day, and I had them in my car when we stopped at Osmond's. However, I was already suffering from buyers remorse (which is my ever way of being) and then . . . well, I ended up taking them back to Costco after my visit to Osmond Designs.

I bought a pair of these lamps instead . . .

No buyers remorse this time - Wow!
I loved them even more after I set them up.

I especially love the . . .

Beaded Tassels.

And notice how it matches . . .

My Antique clock! (and antique iron)

I think it also matches my antique . . .

Croquet Mallets in a painted old milk can.

I think it also matches this . . .

My antique (some parts are replica) PHONE.

and . . .

My Great Great grandmother's chair
(which was brought across the plains in a covered wagon (I think)

and . . . .

The antique pot shard picture, the antique train lantern, the blue bonnet painting etc. etc. etc.
(I have a lot more)

I think it may even match this antique . . .

The antique barometer and 100 year old photograph

(What did you think I meant?)

ha ha ha! Serves Jim right for dragging me out of that store!


  1. Tee hee, I really did think you meant Jim for a minute. You have some nice antiques and I love your lamps. The shape and design are similar to mine in the living room.
    I went to that store a couple of years ago and thought it was great too. Let's go again one day when you are not too tired to play.

  2. That picture (the first one of you guys) wow! Dad looks so young! Very handsome and we all had big hair then! Let's hope it never comes back!!! :)
    Love your Savannah Smiles post! I remember loving that movie!

  3. I meant on the Valentine Post picture...


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