Sunday, February 1, 2009

Savannah Smiles and other random things

This is the greatest little movie - very family friendly, and even the guys seem to like it. Or at least my guy liked it.

Besides which - I happen to be in it!

Can You Pick ME out? I'm selling Ice Cream to "Bootsy"

Filmed in 1982, Savannah Smiles was not available on DVD until recently, and I now have a copy (Thanks to Lane Ronnow for sending it to me). I watched it last night, and enjoyed it just as much as the first time I watched it.

Now, the thing about me being in it? Well, I worked about 12 hours that summer day back in 1982, and I felt like (at the time) I had made a nice big fat wage. I also felt like I also had a very nice "featured extra" part. However, when the movie came out, all that was left of me was a tiny snippet (I actually missed myself the first time I watched it - my own part -). No, this did not thrust me into stardom. If you watch closely you can hear me utter "Have a Nice day" to Bootsy.

When Jim and I watched it last night, I had to rewind it several times so he could see my very fine acting, and then we had to pause it . . . well . . . 'cause . . . well, he was obviously suffering from some age dementia or something cause he was not quick enough to notice me.

Oh Well, I had a good time playing that day, and I actually knew several of the actors in the movie. The part of the doctor, played in this movie by Oscar Rowland, was the same man who played Scrooge with me in the play "Christmas Carol" in 1980 or 1981 - I can't remember. Oh so long ago. I played the part of "Belle" back then in the Promised Valley Playhouse downtown in Salt Lake City (that wonderful old theater is gone now). It was a musical version, and I had some nice solos and a very fun cast to work with.


  1. I love that movie also. Cry everytime. I have bragged many times about my gorgeous aunt being in it and you're just as gorgeous now as you were back then.

  2. Can you believe it....I have never seen the movie. I may have to borrow yours for a night. The hat that you are wearing is back in style.

  3. I have no idea if that hat was in style then, I don't think is really was, but that was what they dressed me in . . . costume director doing her job!


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