Saturday, October 10, 2009

I took the summer off

Hi friends and family. I love you.  Did you miss me????

Well, maybe not . . . I may be talking to just myself right now - and yes, I miss me - posting on my blog . . . If anyone had stuck around to read it at this point they would be dusty and old.  "Tis o.k. - but I do plan to post more things.  Gosh, I guess I just needed the summer off!

Since my last post, we had a gaggle of birthdays, but especially noteworthy were the birth days of my two newest grandchildren, Easton and Preston.  I don't think my daughter Jamie and her husband Matt coordinated their baby's name with my son Wade his wife Cristy's baby name on purpose. I'll be posting some photos.

I have been traveling quite a bit with my job.  Mostly to the St. George area and southern Utah.  I usually stay in this wonderful bed and breakfast there across the street from Brigham Young's Summer home.  You should go there . . . really!  It is called the Seven Wives Inn.


Jim and I went home to Cowley - love my home town. 
Love my mom and Dad.  Is this just so cute?

Dad mowing his acres of grass
with a push mower. 
He's 80!!! 
Oh! I took my turn, don't worry!

We also went out to the Denver area to see Wade and family.  You know, we have not been anywhere for years, literally. 

And we stopped here at this lovely restaurant to eat
while we were on our way there. 
NOTHING is too good for us! 
As you can see, we went ALL out!
Our sandwiches we packed were quite tasty.

We visited Rocky Mountain National Park during the 'elk rut' . . . 
You just can't believe the elk. 
The people there live with them as if they were tame cows.

  Here's pappa watching over his harem. 
If any other bull gets too close,
It's hell to pay for the poor hapless intruder . . .
unless he's bigger . . .  Then there's real trouble.
The whole harem leaves their man for the new guy
without complaint.  That's loyalty for you.
(you've got to enlarge this one)

My Granddaughter, Morgan - don't worry, she is perfectly safe here!

Postcard for Grandma and Grandpa Hardie


We also visited the LDS Conference center this summer - they had an art exhibit from contributors from members from all over the world.  It was wonderful, and these are my personal favorites:

This one is entitled "They Did Not Doubt"

I just wept!


I also loved this scultpure

It is called "Mary and Martha"
Mary looking up with her spiritual eyes, scriptures in hand.  Martha looking down to earth, and holding a basket of produce to care for her families earthly needs.  We need to have balance as these two are doing.

(I'm sorry I am not giving credit to the artists.  I neglected to get the information)

Ohhhhh!  And finally . . . Our family is in a stake play called "Savior of the World".  My kids and my husband now hate me immensely cause they think I succored them into auditioning.  Jon and Ammon still have yet to actually attend a practice.  However, they have minor parts, so I think they will catch on.  But they are supposed to be singing.  That's going to be a trip - whew!  Jim, on the other hand, has a speaking part AND he has to grow a beard.  Now Jim has never in his life had a beard other than a few days 'sick leave' from shaving. Yes, they are all shooting blood from their eyes, but I just know it will be this great family experience . . .  well, please pray for me, would you?  

Oh, it is soooooo, soooo funny! . . . we discovered Jim has no chin hair in the front . . .  pictures to come.


  1. FINALLY!! I checked every day to see if you had updated.
    That pic of Dad was cute indeed. Where did he get that hat?

    Nice pictures and I bet there are 100 that you didn't post. Now we need close ups of Preston and Easton too.

  2. Welcome back. Enjoyed your post. I really miss that part of the country when I see your shots.


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