Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Christmas 2009

Matix - He could 'smell' it was for him and didn't hesitate to take it out from under the Christmas Tree.

Do you remember this little guy from last Christmas

He weighs about 100 lbs now.  But he does still love Jon!

Jamie trying to feed Marnee Cream Puffs.

and Justice and Josh - Dark hair blue eyes and blond hair brown eyes!

T.J. and Derrick with Kristine

And . . . Carter would not let me take his picture and the photographer did a bad job on Holly and Matt -
But we had a wonderful Christmas together.


Below:  Jim and I as Mary's Parents in the play "Savior of the World".  Do we look like a nice Jewish couple?  Well, no!  But it is was such a great experience anyway.  Another way to look at it . . . we were Jesus's Grandparents.

In any case, it was a spiritual feast. 

Here is Jim waiting for the show to open.

Jon and Ammon were in it too, but refused to take part in the photo op even though I pleaded and I promised Ammon he would regret it some day - to no avail - Naughty (I sure do love them) boys! <3


  1. I love seeing slices of your Christmas Story! Thanks for sharing. I glued my Christmas photos together into a video:


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