Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I Could Use Some Global Warming

A very snowy winter at my house.

Usually the deep snow passes me by because I live in the West Desert part of this 'Utah' County. Thus, we miss any of the lake effect that those Easterner Utah Countites usually get.
The weather man gave some explanations . . . I don't remember what they were.
Hmmmmm - I just don't see what all the fuss is about on this ol' Global Warming thing.
Whose to say a slightly warmer temperature wouldn't be the better temperature?
Dang though! - so far, I don't see a whole bunch of it coming my way.


Ammon is Digging us out.
Notice the last vestige of a yellow wild flower.
Gosh those are hardy little flowers.
You can actually still tell it is a flower
on top of 4 feet of snow
in January!
Some people call them weeds
but I say, more power to them. I planted them!
Maybe it's part of the whole Global warming thing.


Becca went out to help Ammon shovel snow.
I think though, they mostly just ended up playing in it.
I stayed inside where it was warm - well, except
for the few minutes I left my warm place to take these photos.

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  1. Aren't you glad that you have those stong arms around at times? By the way,I love the picture of Daisy's nose.It makes me laugh everytime I log on to your blog.


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